We’re Growing Our Team This Fall

A change in season also happens to be a great time to embark on a new career path, which is why we’ve chosen to expand Team Apollo Solutions this fall. Jake Shah, our firm’s President, noted that the time was right to bring additional talent into our office because the demand for our outreach campaigns continues to grow. It’s also a good time because the holiday rush is right around the corner. We’re excited to meet with sharp professionals who are ready to learn new things every day and reach their full potential as members of our team.

As we evaluate potential hires, we’ll be looking for a few key traits. A willingness to learn will be at the top of this list, as ongoing improvement is a hallmark of the Apollo Solutions culture. We take advantage of internal seminars, cross-training trips to other offices, and travel to industry events to expand our professional horizons. Anyone who comes on board will need to be open to this type of everyday learning.

We’ll also be looking for people who are proven team players. Being accountable is a big part of this, as we’re big proponents of setting lofty goals. We put high benchmarks in place and monitor our progress to make sure we’re keeping the pace. Beyond that, we also make sure we’re available to help our teammates however we can. New hires will quickly find that we’re an ambitious and supportive bunch.

This fall is the ideal time to become part of our Apollo Solutions family. Follow us on Instagram for company updates and hiring news.

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