We’re Adding to Our Outstanding Team

It’s time once again to expand Team Apollo Solutions. Jake Shah, our firm’s President, stated that as we continue pushing past our growth goals, we need additional talent to keep building positive momentum. We’re looking for business-minded people who always seek new knowledge. College grads should definitely apply, because our in-depth training model is the ideal way for them to put what they’ve learned in the classroom into action.

We provide our incoming associates with immersive education in all phases of our business. As they develop the skills necessary for success in the customer acquisition industry, our new hires gain confidence in their unique abilities. By pairing them with seasoned in-office coaches, we also give our newest team members insight into what it takes to rise up the Apollo Solutions ranks.

There are a few key behaviors we stress throughout our training program. One thing we want all our incoming associates to embrace is the importance of setting clear goals. We encourage our new hires to establish benchmarks for their professional growth from their first days in the office. Our plan is for all of our team members to become the types of leaders who can share compelling visions of success with their followers.

We’re excited to meet with potential additions to our team. Follow Apollo Solutions on Twitter for updates on our latest hiring push.

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