We Made the Most of the Top Leaders Conference

We’re still buzzing about our team trip to Philadelphia, which was all about learning and networking with highly accomplished people. The Top Leaders Conference was the reason we were in the City of Brotherly Love, and we came back to the Apollo Solutions office with so much to discuss. We learned from the best of the best in the customer acquisition world and made some valuable new connections in the process.

Heading out to major conferences is one of the best perks of being on Team Apollo Solutions. As we listen to keynote speeches and take part in all kinds of workshops, we build on the lessons we learn through our many ongoing training options. We always feel reaffirmed after we discuss our career journeys with top performers from other markets. It makes us feel like we’re on the right track.

Our time in Philly was also ideal for reflecting on all the things we’ve accomplished in 2019. As we discussed what’s worked well and where we can still improve, we also built up extra motivation to close out the year with a bang. We set even prouder growth goals for 2020 too, which will be easier to achieve thanks to the amazing advice we received during the event.

We’re ready to build on the positive energy of the Top Leaders Conference. For more on our team travel events and major achievements, follow Apollo Solutions on Instagram.

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