Mike B. Is Setting the Pace for Our Team

One of the ways we show our appreciation in the Apollo Solutions office is to highlight team members in our monthly blog. This month, we wanted to shine a spotlight on Mike B., one of our account managers, for being an exceptional role model for new and veteran associates alike.

Mike’s work ethic is really impressive, as is his ability to persevere through any obstacle. He’s always eager to learn more, which makes him open to feedback, and he is determined to improve at least a little bit every day. He’s been a great asset to our team from the get-go, and we want to make sure he knows that he is appreciated!

Success leaves clues, as the saying goes, and that is definitely true in Mike’s case. We see him displaying some familiar leadership traits that we know will help him achieve all his goals. For example, he’s not one to procrastinate: when Mike sees a challenge, he heads towards it. His optimism is a great advantage as well, giving him and everyone around him the confidence they need to perform at their best.

Mike has learned how to share what he knows with his peers at Apollo Solutions, and how to invest in relationships. Perhaps most importantly though, he sincerely enjoys what he does, and that helps him stay engaged and enthusiastic.

We’re grateful to have Mike on our team, and look forward to watching his career progress. Like Apollo Solutions on Facebook to see which of our rising stars we spotlight next.

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