How to Elevate Your Networking Game

Any opportunity to expand our Apollo Solutions, Inc. networks is one we take seriously. One of the most important elements of successful networking is the ability to make a strong first impression. That’s why we apply the following strategies to ensure that potential contacts remember us in a positive light:

  • Consistent Eye Contact: We don’t look down at our phones or scan the room for other connections when we’re networking. Instead, we maintain steady eye contact with each person we meet. This is one of the easiest ways to show interest in a meaningful bond. It’s also just the respectful thing to do.
  • Committing Names to Memory: Not everyone is good with names, so some of us need to apply some unique tactics to commit them to memory. One is to repeat a new person’s name right after hearing it for the first time. Another is to make a mental note during the conversation and then say the name one last time before parting company with the person.
  • Showing Genuine Interest: More than anything else, this can be the difference between a new Apollo Solutions, Inc. connection and just another business card. We’re careful to listen intently to every potentially valuable contact. It’s essential to show that we’re serious about cultivating a real connection that is mutually beneficial.

These strategies are helping us streamline our networking efforts. Visit Apollo Solutions, Inc. on Facebook to join our discussion on efficient connecting.

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