Experience the World and Build a Rewarding Career

As members of Team Apollo Solutions, we enjoy a wide range of travel opportunities. We explore new cities as we attend everything from quarterly leadership conferences to exotic rest and relaxation retreats. Jake Shah, our firm’s President, explained that getting away from the office together brings an array of rewards for professionals. Along with chances to learn from successful people and expand our networks, we also take advantage of these key travel benefits:

• Recharging Our Batteries: Sometimes it’s helpful to get away from the demands of working in the customer acquisition industry. When we travel with our Apollo Solutions colleagues, we get time to reflect on what’s working well back at the office and project into an even more successful future. We also enjoy everything each destination has to offer, which brings us closer to our teammates and leaves us feeling more inspired than ever.

• Improving Time Management Skills: There are many things we want to do, see, and experience when we attend any type of big event with our coworkers. In order to catch a keynote speech, maximize a networking event, or attend a breakout session, we need to manage our time wisely. When we come back to the home office, we’re better prepared to stay on schedule and achieve our goals.

The next Apollo Solutions team trip is never far away. To keep up with our travel plans, be sure to check out our Newswire feed.

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