Announcing an Exciting Cross-Country Travel Opportunity

Travel is one of the reasons that many of us joined Apollo Solutions. Our leaders understand the value of business trips as both a reward for exceptional effort and a top-notch development tool, so we have many chances to journey away from the office throughout the year. Our next excursion will take hand-selected team members to Dallas, Texas, for the Top Leaders’ Conference.

We are so excited for this trip! It’s a national conference that brings rising stars and the most successful people in our industry together for three days. Keynote speakers share their expertise on a variety of topics related to customer acquisitions, management, and leadership skills, and get even more personal during breakout sessions.

We’re also looking forward to building our contact lists in Dallas. Pros from markets all across the country will be in attendance, and we’ll have time to connect with them during networking events. We’ll share best practices and contact information, which will lead to future business opportunities for Apollo Solutions while giving us access to a much larger pool of knowledge than we could ever build on our own.

The most inspiring part of the weekend is sure to be the awards ceremony though. Those who have hit big career goals will be honored onstage and given time to share stories from their career journeys so far. Knowing what others have overcome to succeed gives us the motivation we need to hit big goals of our own when we get back home.

All this, and we get to visit a completely different part of the country too! Like Apollo Solutions on Facebook to see pictures from the trip.

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