Action Speaks Louder Than Words in Our Training Program

Our Apollo Solutions learning environment is really more than just job training: the lessons our leaders share can help you change your life. We incorporate coaching and hands-on experiences to teach you how to achieve your potential.

When people join Team Apollo Solutions, they get the chance to work side by side with seasoned associates who have worked their way forward from entry-level positions themselves. This occurs while we rotate new people through different departments and projects. This immersive approach introduces novices to every facet of our business and the leaders who make us successful, giving trainees a big-picture view of what we do and how their efforts contribute to the whole.

We connect new hires with their own mentors so that they have a go-to person invested in their training, too. This individual support is vital for those taking their first career steps, and moves people from walking to running (figuratively speaking) in a much shorter period of time. This is also an effective way for us to highlight the importance of teamwork, one of our most important company values. We do our best work when we’re working together, and we want novice associates to practice this sentiment from their first days with our team.

Theory is important, but we find practical knowledge to be most effective when it comes to thriving with our team. Check out our Apollo Solutions Newswire feed to find out more about the success strategies we teach.

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